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My name is Oktay  Ortakcioglu. I am a 40 something years old commercial photographer based in Dublin/Ireland. I formed Imaj Photography  in 2009 as studio based commercial photography business and today Imaj licences an amazing 15,000 + images a year. More info about imaj studios available on our main site www.imaj.ie

Photography is not only my job but also my passion, whenever I get a chance, I go on photography holidays with friends. In 2011, I decided to extend the invitation to other photographers and share the fun and my experience. I launched Imaj Photo Adventures and so far, it turned out to be a great success and an enjoyable aspect of my life.

I currently organize trips to mainly China as I am fascinated with the country, its culture and people. We have a great network of local people helping me to organize these tours which reduces the amount of "unexpected" greatly and allows us spend time on photography and have fun. I also organize tours in Ireland  but currently limited to private groups.


In 2015 We are starting a similar tour for non-photographers interested in nature and culture.

I hope to see you in one of my photo adventures in near future.

All the best

Oktay Ortakcioglu





Genuine customer feedbacks as verified by Responsible Travel.


Oktay gave me a wonderful introduction to China from all his (and his assistant

Sandy's) experience. He knew just the right places to go for photography and the

right people to meet. Oktay is a great professional and I had an excellent and

instructive time with him.

I enjoyed my trip to China very much and  I want to compliment you on your perfect organisation of this trip. I am  very satisfied with the pictures that I could make and the opportunities to do so.

The most memorable part was the possibility to see people in their daily environment and to take pictures of that, particularly the day(s) in Chengyang.

John Stork/UK

Rob Hoorn/Netherlands

It was a fantastic trip, well balanced

and well organised. Oktay was very

friendly and approachable and provided

fantastic technical photographic support

to those that needed it, when they needed

it. He was also very knowledgeable when

it came to local cultural matters and

engaged well with the local people.

Garron Hilton/UK